Most Able

We are constantly looking at ways to stretch our more able students, sharing good practice with other schools on a local and regional level to give our students as many opportunities to excel as possible.

We are establishing targeted provision for more able students through our curriculum offer and our extra curricular programme.  We firmly believe that our most able students should be pushed and supported in order for them to reach their full potential. We provide a challenging environment that celebrates their success and achievements. We are in the process of:

  • Identifying higher order thinking training across all departments
  • Peer observation as a tool for developing practice for Most Able provision
  • Developing departmental self-review processes and work sampling with a Most Able focus
  • Mentoring underachieving Most Able students
  • Raising achievement at A/A* through subject specific programmes
  • Raising achievement at A/A* through a targeted student tutor programmes
  • The ongoing development of enrichment opportunities.

At the present time we run several programmes in school to extend the most able students in lessons and with extra curricular activities.  We regularly enter students for debating, poetry, mathematics, sporting, drama and art competitions.  As well as this, departments are developing provision within their individual areas to push the most able.

Within our curriculum we offer opportunities for the most able students, for example triple science and the extended project.  We do not however rest on our laurels and we are looking to develop our systems and practices as much as we can.

Areas for development

Our current areas of development include:

  • Improving the attainment of potential most able students
  • Ensuring that our most able students are identified and monitored effectively
  • Develop the curriculum support for students in lessons
  • Develop the staff's use of higher level questioning skills
  • Developing A/A* programme for A level

Support at Home

External websites that have information on how to support Most Able students at home:

Activities for the Most Able

STEM club 

Brilliant Club

The Bucks Free Press publication team

Psychology at University (former students visit and talk)

Maths Master Classes

The Music Extravaganza

The Amnesty Groups Campaigning and assemblies

The Science after school group working toward the Crest Bronze Award

Charity fundraising activities.

Well done to all those students who have participated and supported these events.

  1. Most Able presentation 2017