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GCSE results 2015 improve again!

GCSE results 2015 improve again!

Congratulation to all the students who received their GCSE results today.  We are extremely proud of them all for the hard work they have put into gaining these fantastic outcomes.  The students have managed to gain the greatest number of A*-B passes in the school’s history with 45% of all English, 42% of additional science and 35% of maths grades all at this level.  In all 36% of all grades awarded where grade B or above. 

The level of progress achieved by students across the core and non-core subjects was very strong with a more than 30% of students gaining grades high then the national expectations given their starting points. 

65% of results were A*-C across all subjects which shows just how hard the students, parents and staff have worked in achieving these results. Our 5 A*-C English and Maths figure, under the new measure of first entry, remains consistent with last year’s.  We look forward to welcoming many of the students back into our 6th Form.  For students who are not returning to us we wish them well on the courses and apprenticeships they will be starting.

These excellent results build on the strong ‘A’ level results from last week.

Results of note:

Leah Maxwell                         4A*, 4A, 1C

Emma Collins                         3A*, 4A, 2 B

Natalie Engers                        2A*, 7A

Maria Horrocks                       3A*, 5A, 1B

Holly Baker                             3A*, 2 A, 4 B

Christina Pascaud                  1A*,3 A, 5B

Chloe Squires                         8A, 1 C

Charlotte Darnell                    7A, 2B