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Beatriz Poynton - Storytime Winner

Year 8 student, Beatriz Poynton is Storytime Winner

We are so proud of Beatriz and what she has achieved since she has been at TBS.  ~This is about her latest endeavour as an author.  Please read on

 "When we opened Storytime for submissions from contributing writers last year, we had one clear objective – to find good stories that would inspire brilliant illustrations.  We didn’t care who a writer was or where they came from or what they had done before. In fact, we always make a point of ignoring the email body copy and reading the attachment first. If a story is good, then we go back and find out more. But the story must always comes first.

So, it was quite a surprise when we read The Leopard that Lost her Spots, liked it, and then discovered that it had been submitted by a 12-year-old girl.  What we saw in Beatriz Poyton’s story was originality, charm and potential, so together, over the course of a few months, we moulded the story into something we all felt was absolutely right for Storytime.

Now we know Beatriz better, it isn’t surprising at all that she has been published in Storytime (Issue 33, out now). Beatriz, now 13, is an avid reader, literacy ambassador for her school, book club organiser, and soon-to-be blogger. She is wonderfully inspiring and it’s well worth reading her writer interview. No matter what your age, background or experience of writing, you might just pick up some tips from her about enthusiasm, commitment and passion.

Beatriz can also teach us all a thing or two about resilience in the face of rejection. She has submitted her work to editors and literary agents and, instead of feeling beaten when rejected, she has taken their advice on board, and viewed rejection as an opportunity to improve upon her work.

To read more visit:"


Since winning ....

Beatriz in Year 8 held a public reading of her published story ‘The leopard that lost its spots’ at The Beaconsfield Library on Saturday 20th May.   She read her a story to a group of young children and their parents and held a questions and answer session after.  She read the story beautiful and helped the young students understand the messages contained within it by providing activities and characters to hold.   Beatriz answered questions about the story, editorial process and her up and coming projects.  It was a pleasure to listen to her and see such a large group enjoying the story, it was also wonderful to see her friends come along to support her.

We look forward to reading more of Beatriz stories in the future.