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£6000 donation from Shanly Foundation

The Beaconsfield School art suite set for a makeover thanks to a £6000 donation from The Shanly Foundation.

The Beaconsfield School received the generous donation from The Shanly Foundation, which will help to provide 30 new computers as well as replacing furniture, cabling and changing the overall layout of the Art and Photography suite.

Headteacher John Fletcher said: “The Beaconsfield School prides itself on being an innovative environment for students to seize opportunities – especially when it comes to ICT."

“We are keen to maintain a high standard of ICT in all KS3 years plus exams, so this donation will allow improved teaching due to the new software, and offer a clean and smart learning environment that students can enjoy.”

The school is hoping to raise a total of £48,000 for two ICT suites and will be hosting several fundraising events over the next few years to help achieve its goal.

Tamra Booth, a Shanly Foundation trustee, said: “Based in Beaconsfield, we were delighted to support a school on our doorstep and ensure that its students are equipped with the right technology for them to progress in the future.’’