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Sterling Young Enterprise

Student Business Markets Waterproof Cycle Helmet Covers

 The Cycle Helmet CoverThis year, our Young Enterprise group at The Beaconsfield School have chosen to produce waterproof bicycle helmet covers, under the company name of ‘Sterling’, which we will sell at local fairs and school events as well as separately to customers throughout Buckinghamshire.  The idea was brought to our attention soon after joining Young Enterprise and we believe it has the potential to be a very successful product due to its rarity and also because of how useful it would be to all cyclists, as well as this, large number of people have already expressed an interest in purchasing our proposed items and as a result we have a number of orders already in place.

Young Enterprise students making their productsThe helmet covers will be manufactured on the school grounds using the textiles machinery in the technology department by a number of volunteering company directors, assistants and paid experienced GCSE and A level students.  We have used a thick waterproof material, in order to prevent the cyclist’s head from getting wet when out in the rain, but also acts as a thermal layer.  On top of this, there is a reflective stripe on each cover to increase the rider’s visibility to drivers when out after dark. If this product proves a success, we may later expand our range to include more related items.

 Young Enterprise students making their productsAs partners in Sterling, we are all aspiring young business people with individual and unique plans for the future who hope taking part in Young Enterprise, as well as the experience it gives us, will help increase our business knowledge and awareness of the running of a company and inspire us for the future.

By Tom Horrocks & Mohammed Izagaren