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GCSE Astronomers Reach For The Stars

Key Stage Star Pupils Study Astronomy

GCSE Astronomy

Last year, when picking our options for GCSE, we were also given the opportunity to take GCSE Astronomy as an extra qualification after school.  All of us have always had an interest in space and we were keen to do this additional qualification even if it meant having more classes after school.

Mrs Collingridge runs the course and she is great, she gives up her time to plan and deliver our lessons and, although the class can be a little loud at times, it just shows how enthusiastic everyone is for the subject.

The course involves studying our Solar System, looking in detail at the Earth, Moon and Sun as well as looking at star systems, nebulas, comets, galaxies and cosmology.  We do a lot of the work on computers and use a dedicated website that covers all the information required by the exam board.  We also each have a log on for the Bradford Robotic Telescope, and this allows us to order our own images of anywhere in space from their telescope based in Tenerife.

We are currently doing the first of 2 controlled assessments.  For this we have to pick different features of the moon and look at them during different lunar phases.

Best of all we also get to go on trips.  We will be visiting the National Space Centre in Leicester during February and in January 2014 we are going to Florida to do some astronaut training at the Kennedy Space Centre.

By Emma-Beth Lacey, Lucy Lapham & Adam Prickett