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Who Murdered the Head of Science?

Forensic Science Day Wednesday 21st November

 Sifting through the evidence: students on the forensic science dayOn Wednesday 21st November 19, Year 12 and 13 students took part in a forensic crime scene day organised by the Think Forensics Company.  The day started with the students getting an understanding of the world of forensics and the costs of the many tests and procedures involved with analysing crime scenes by looking at a couple of real life case studies.

The students learnt how to carry out a variety of techniques including: taking crime scene photos, looking for and taking fingerprints, swabbing blood samples, collecting hair and fibres and also making casts of shoe and tyre prints.

A mock crime scene was set up for the students to investigate who was responsible for murdering the Head of Science, Mr Bacchus*.  The students put on crime scene suits, gloves and masks and then investigated the scene collecting any evidence they found.

In the afternoon the students learnt how to analyse fingerprints, footprints, hair samples, blood splatter and insect evidence.  They put all the evidence together and worked out who had committed the crime.

* No science teachers were harmed in the course of the investigation