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Hare Hare Year 7

Students immerse themselves in temple traditions for Enrichment Day

 Students sample temple lifeOn Monday 10th December, as part of our Enrichment day programme, 85 Year 7 students visited the Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna temple in Watford.  Students enjoyed a rich, hands-on introduction to Hinduism and temple life, including visiting a traditional working farm where the cows themselves are treated as gods.  After a ride in an oxen drawn cart and a tour of the George Harrison peace garden, students were invited to learn about Hindu values and beliefs, dressing up in the traditional outfits symbolic of the Gods and other colourful traditional shawls, turbans and saris.  Students were then lucky enough to enjoy a temple service with live music in the shrine room before helping serve and eating a traditional Indian lunch (and chips!).  Face painting followed, before the students, tired but buzzing from their fun and information packed day, boarded the bus back to Beaconsfield with 5 minutes to spare until home time.  A terrific day out that we will certainly be repeating.