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E Safety Play

Internet safety, written and performed by Saltmine Theatre Company

 Internet Safety performed by Saltmine Productions LtdStudents in year 7 and 8 enjoyed a really powerful performance by the Saltmine Theatre Company. Escape V 0 2 is a play about internet safety, written and performed by the Company.  It sends out a very clear message on the do’s and don’ts of making friends on-line and how easy it is to give out too much information about yourself without even reaslising it.  The performance was followed by a workshop session where the students were encouraged to think about the information they put on-line and how hard it is to know if someone is lying to them when you can’t see their face.  They discussed the consequences of putting information about themselves and others on-line, how easily it can spread and how damaging the wrong kind of information or images can be for individuals.