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Josh Matthews - Great Inventor

Josh Matthews - Great Inventor

Josh Matthews, a Year 9 student, has been working on his new project for the last two months.  From his initial ideas and drawings he has a developed a fully robotic arm that can move at the wrist, elbow and shoulder.  He has even managed to get it to pick up objects!  This has been built from bits of lego and junk at home.  Josh has assembled an impressive work bench at home with all the equipment he needs to build and test his different ideas.

Josh has demonstrated his arm to his class as part of an English assessment, explaining how he overcame problems and how he had to think of solutions to overcome them.  One such problem was how to change the gearing to allow the shoulder joint to lift the whole arm and hand.  He not only had to change some of the components but he had to reverse the polarity on the motor so it could also retract!

Not content with getting a robotic arm to work and pick up objects, Josh has now developed it further so it will work off his bicep muscle contracting. The next step is to apply a latex coating to make it look more like a real arm.  Josh is getting help with this from, Mrs Brooker’s son who is studying prosthetic modelling at university.  Josh is keen to pursue a career in the development of prosthetic limbs and body parts to help people, he has been inspired by a school friend who has had to have a prosthetic fitted to help with his pancreas function.  We would like to wish Josh all the best with his pursuit of a career in this area.

Josh has demonstrated great engineering, thought and resilience in this project and is a shining exampling of the type of STEM projects we want to develop in school.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

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