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House Competitions Galore!

House Competitions Galore .... Knitting, Conker Competition and Lantern Carving

 Knitting House Competition

 The Big Knit is a joint campaign between Age UK and Innocent drinks to help vulnerable older people.  You knit the hats, Innocent drinks wear them and 25p of every drink sold will go to Age UK.

Students and staff alike have been busily knitting away for the past few weeks!!  The array of hats have been wonderfully creative and knowing that every knit one /purl one is a step towards helping this worthwhile cause was a great incentive!

Joint First::  12 points– McCartney and Rowling, Second: 7 points-   Mackintosh, Third: 5 points- Bussell

Fourth: 3 points- Hockney

Thank you very much to all the knitters who took part. Well done!!!

 Lantern Carving Competition - Results are:-

 Winner           Hockney 5 points

2nd                 McCartney 4 points

Joint 3rd, 4th and 5th Bussell, Mackintosh and Rowling   1 point each





Conker Competition

It was the ‘War of the Houses’.  Weapons were selected and students were poised to fight…..

The Conker Competition of 2013 had begun!!!!

 On the 22nd October, 16 students from different year groups came to represent their house in conker battles with several games being played in a knock out format. After a tense semi-final between Roma Richardson and Flo Morris (Year 8), Ross Marshall (Year 7) and Ben Porter (Year 8) we had our finalists.  In the end it was a Hockney vs Mackintosh final between Ben Porter and Flo Morris. It was a tense few minutes but an almighty swing from Ben sealed the competition in Mackintosh’s favour!

It was a great lunch time with lots of friendly competition… Who will win next year???