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Thrive Project

Year 7 students enjoy taking part on the ‘How to Thrive project’.

 Year 7 students have now completed seven weeks on the ‘How to Thrive project’. The feedback so far from both teachers and students alike has been really positive.  Students have created a trusting community within their mentor groups where they have been able to develop and learn new skills together. Through discussion in different group sizes they have been able to apply the skills they have learnt to their own and others’ real life situations.

Below is what some of the Year 7 students have had to say about Thrive:


“I’ve learnt that if there is a problem I can always find a way around it and I have learnt how to cope with different situations."

“We’ve been acting out really fun role plays with different meanings. I really enjoy doing the group work and sharing each other’s opinions. If you have a problem at all the different techniques really help."

“We’ve been doing some different role plays with imaginary characters with problems. It has helped me think about my thoughts and sometimes learning not to have the first thought that comes into my head and thinking how to tackle tricky situations."

“I have learnt about how our feelings affect the way we act. These lessons have helped me gain more confidence.’’

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