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Science week - wobbly jelly

Students in Year 7 and 8 experiment with jelly babies!

 Science Week started off with Miss Cowburn demonstrating ‘The Screaming Jelly Baby.’ This is a brilliant experiment to watch.  Miss Cowburn heated some Potassium Chlorate for a minute and then she added a jelly baby.  Jelly Babies contain a massive amount of energy as they are 100% sugar.  The reactive was vigorous, giving out a lot of light and sound energy and also smoke.  Afterwards, the lab smelt really sweet and we had to have all the windows open.

Then we came onto the Jelly Towers.  We planned how to make it carefully and thoughtfully.  We drew a sketch and wrote down bullet points of all the stages of the practical.  The next day, we were given two packets of jelly. We added half a pack to 100ml of boiling water and stirred it with a glass rod.  Once the jelly had dissolved, we added a further 150 ml of cold water and poured the solution into two cups. We then added dried ingredients to try and strengthen the jelly. We chose to add lentils, pasta tubes, spaghetti and rice. We repeated this four times and then left the jelly in the fridge to solidify overnight.  During our next Science lesson the following morning, we started to make our masterpiece. We covered the work surfaces with newspaper as we knew that this was going to be a very messy practical.  After making our foundations, we managed to build our jelly tower six blocks high - to a height of 13 cm. Piercing the jelly with spaghetti to add extra strength helped a lot.  We built our tower 13 cm high which wasn’t the highest in Year 7 but it was the highest in our class.  The whole science week was great fun and I really look forward to Science Week next year.