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6th Form Team Building

6th Form students rely on each other in team building activities

On the 16th September, all students in the 6th Form visited The Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre to take part in a set of team building activities.  There were a huge variety of tasks.  They started simple like lining up in height order in silence, to blindfolded walks where you had to rely on each other for directions and ended with building and racing our own rafts on the lake!  All the activities not only let us get to know each other better, but also made us think about how important communication, teamwork and thinking creatively are in both school and social environments.

It was amazing how quickly we got to know and feel comfortable with people in our teams and hopefully these friendships will continue throughout our time at The Beaconsfield School.

The day was finished on a high note with everyone jumping into the lake! Although at some points wet and cold, it was a really valuable experience and started the term with a creative mind-set and community attitude that we hope to keep up for the rest of our time in 6th Form!

By: Poppy-Anne Forbes, Year 13 (Deputy Head Girl)