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BTEC Sport Level 3


Rationale of the BTEC Nationals in Sport

Year on year the sport sector outperforms the rest of the UK economy; this has been the case since the end of the economic recession of the late 1990s, and researchers predict will continue to be the case for years to come, long after the London Summer Olympics and Paralympics of 2012 have been and gone. The annual contribution of the sport sector to the UK economy is over £8 billion. This sector has more than 36,000 employers creating work for more than 600,000 full-time and part-time employees and 5 million plus volunteers. A significant proportion of the total volunteer workforce is volunteering in sport, with most of them involved in coaching or activity leadership.

Despite the prevalence of this sector, a third of the workforce in the sector have either no formal qualifications or are only qualified at Level 1. In addition, feedback from employers suggests that skills shortages are responsible for a large proportion of the vacancies in this sector. These factors highlight the importance of formally recognised Level 3 qualifications in this sector, such as the BTEC Nationals in Sport.

What is the course about?

The BTEC National Award in Sport provides you with an understanding of the essential skills needed when looking to build a career in the sports sector. You will gain an understanding in topics such as anatomy & physiology which cover the structure, function and how the body responds to exercise on the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory and energy systems. Other areas covered are fitness testing, analysing performances in team and individual sports and the sports industry.

The qualification will give an insight into the various different occupational routes you can take within the sector. It gives students the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised level 3 qualification giving full-time learners the opportunity to enter employment in the sporting sector or to progress onto higher education.

The BTEC National Sport allow learners to select specialist units that reflect their aspirations and the diverse nature of the sector.

Units covered

Unit 1:         Principles of Anatomy & physiology in sport.

Unit 2:         Fitness in sport.

Unit 3:         The sports industry.

Unit 7:         Practical Team Sport.