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Cambridge National in Business and Enterprise


Business and Enterprise

Syllabus: Level 2 Cambridge National Certificate in Business and Enterprise

Course Code: OCR J814


Course overview

This course will offer opportunities to develop business skills demanded by employers in the UK today. You will learn the practical elements of how to find and secure the job that you want. In year 11 you will plan your own enterprise project and carry it out. This hands-on approach will help you be ready for the world of work by developing transferable skills such as planning, research and analysis, working with others and effective communication

Course content

  • Understanding how business works in the world today.
  • Learning how to search for suitable jobs and how the recruitment process works for these jobs.
  • Learning to plan, run and evaluate an event.


The course is divided into three sections: one examination and 2 controlled assessments (coursework).

  • R061: Introduction to business – 1 hour exam in year 10
  • R062: Planning for work – Coursework completed in year 10
  • R063: Setting up and running an enterprise – Project and coursework completed in year 11