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Creative Craft (Textiles) Key Stage 4


Creative Craft (Textiles)

Syllabus: NCFE Creative craft level 2

Course code:  601/0043/6


Course overview

This course aims to inspire students who have an interest in design: especially the world of textiles, fashion and interior design.

Course content

  • This course involves designing and making a product in textiles and other compliant materials.
  • Hand, machine and commercial methods of manufacture will be explored. Students are expected to develop an understanding of materials, processes, quality and health and safety issues.
  • The course is designed to foster awareness among students of the need to consider sustainability and the environmental impact of their designs.
  • Students identify a design need then work through the design and manufacturing process developing their knowledge and skills to produce a final product.
  • The exam board outlines a range of projects the students can choose from. These projects can include the design of clothes, accessories, toys, home furnishings etc.

This qualification aims to:

  • extend and further develop learners' skills
  • extend learners' knowledge and understanding of the creative craft process
  • extend learners' understanding of health and safety issues provide the opportunity for further development · provide a basis for progression onto further study.

The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to:

  • use raw materials, tools and equipment in a safe and competent manner
  • evaluate own work, develop ideas and learning through the craft process
  • develop an understanding of health and safety considerations in the craft environment.


Unit 01 Exploring craft and enterprise skills

Internally assessed portfolio of evidence

Unit 02 Research and develop design ideas for craft items

Internally assessed portfolio of evidence

Unit 03 Respond to a craft brief

Externally assessed assignment

Unit 04 Produce final craft work

Internally assessed portfolio of evidence


Homework will be set once a week and will be approximately two hours; however during the non-examination assessment it is likely to be more frequent. Extended interest and research will be encouraged beyond the classroom to enhance student understanding.