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Our curriculum is designed to challenge thinking and encourage creativity allowing our students to attain the highest possible academic outcomes as well as developing the ‘personal and life skills’ which are so important.

Students have access to the suite of qualifications included in the English Baccalaureate from Year 7 alongside PE, arts and technology subjects. The curriculum at our school builds skills, knowledge and understanding each year in order to fulfill the school motto ‘Discovering the potential in all’. The personal skills which support academic excellence; resilience, reflectiveness, resourcefulness as well as collaboration and empathy are both taught and reinforced through all subjects, these areas are fundamental to developing successful learners.  It is our aim to enable our students to become assessment capable learners who have the tools to become successful and are able to follow any career pathway they choose.   

Students will be allocated one language, either French or Spanish, when they join us in Year 7 which they will study throughout Key Stage 3. Students choose their GCSE/BTEC Options in Year 9 ready to start their chosen curriculum in Year 10.

Curriculum Allocation Key Stage 3 – Key Stage 5

N.B. all sessions are 50 minutes in length and we run a one-week timetable