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Exams and Study Information

Exam entries and arrangements are handled by the Exams Officer.

General guidance on exam procedure is below.

Non-examination assessments (NEA) have replaced controlled assessments at GCSE level. It is part of the assessment scheme in most, but not all, subjects. The final piece is produced under closely supervised conditions. In some subjects this may mean writing up the final piece in class over one or more lessons monitored by your teacher. This may have to be completed under exam conditions. Any breach in normal exam regulations can lead to serious consequences. Supporting materials such as notes may be used during the writing up, but not a complete draft. Your teachers will give you details on how the non-examination assessment is carried out in their subjects.

NEA Non Examination Assessments 

The guide below includes responses to some frequently asked questions from parents.

  • Make sure you know what you are expected to do - ask your teacher if uncertain!
  • Check interim and final submission dates for any draft work. Try to work well in advance of them and, if you have more than one piece with a similar deadline, organise your time to make sure both are given the time and attention they deserve.