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GCSE PE Revision timetable

Topic Title

Topic Breakdown

Revision Session

Exercise and Fitness as Part of Your Healthy Active Lifestyle

Health, Exercise and Fitness

The 5 components of Health Related Exercise

The 6 components of Skill Related Fitness


Session 2


Physical Activity as Part of Your Healthy Active Lifestyle

Assessing your fitness levels

The principles of Training

Goal Setting

Methods of Training

The Exercise Session

Comparing 2 types of training session

Analysing Training Sessions


Session 3


Your Personal Health and Well-being

The link between exercise diet, work and rest.

Dietary intake and your performance


Session 4


Physical Activity and Your Healthy Mind and Body

Different Body Types

Optimum Weight

Weight Related Conditions

Performance Enhancing and Recreational Drugs

Risk Assessment and Preventing Injuries

Revision Session 5


A Healthy Active Lifestyle and your Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system during exercise

Regular exercise and the cardiovascular system

The effect of lifestyle on the cardiovascular system

Revision Session 6


A Healthy Active Lifestyle and Your Respiratory System

The Respiratory System

Immediate and Long Term effects of exercise on the respiratory system.

Revision Session 7


A Healthy Active Lifestyle and the Muscular System

The Muscular System

Exercising the Muscular System

Lifestyle Performance Enhancing Drugs and the Muscular System

Revision Session 8


A Healthy Active Lifestyle and your Skeletal System

The Skeletal System

Joints and Movement

Exercise and the Skeletal System

Injuries to the Skeletal System and the Importance of Diet

Revision Session 9