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It is the school's policy that homework will be set regularly within the framework of a homework timetable. Homework is set online via MiLK. All students are given a log in to access their individual homework. Students who are unable to access the internet at home can make use of the school library which is open every day until 3.45pm. Alternatively homework for students can be printed off for students by request only.

The Purpose of Homework

Homework is any activity which students are expected to complete outside of their lesson time.

  • Consolidate, reinforce and extend classroom learning
  • Develop skills, confidence and motivation which will support independent lifelong learning
  • Enable students to manage their time and the demands of coursework
  • Inform and involve parents in their children’s learning

Homework Tasks

Homework tasks are logged on MiLK and parents can gain access to information about their children (including what homework is due and when), via this site MiLK. To get a login please contact

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Record all pieces of homework/Check MiLK every day
  • See the teacher before deadline if help is required
  • Complete all pieces on time to the best of their ability
  • Students not completing homework on time can expect to be dealt with in line with the school’s Behaviour for Learning Policy


  • To provide a peaceful place for students to study
  • To show an interest and encourage students with their homework


  • To update MiLK to ensure that homework is being set, recorded and completed
  • To liaise with subject leaders and year leaders when there is a concern
  • To contact parents if students are not doing homework in a number of subjects


  • Set homework according to published timetable, ensuring it is posted on MiLK.
  • Ensure that students have planners out at the start of each lesson ready to record at an appropriate time
  • Ensure that all pieces of homework are appropriate and meet the individual needs of students
  • All pieces of homework are identified in schemes of work
  • Homework is marked regularly and appropriate feedback is given

Homework Expectations

Outlined below are the guided homework hours for each subject in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. This will be followed as far as possible but it should be noted that this may adjusted in order to be flexible and respond to the students’ needs with regards to coursework, projects and other considerations.


Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Core Subjects


2 x 30 minutes per week

2 x 45 minutes per week


3 x 20 minutes per fortnight

4 x 20 minutes per fortnight


1 x 30 minutes per week

3 x 45 minutes per fortnight

and for triple science an additional

2 x 45 minutes per fortnight



1 x 30 minutes per fortnight

20 minutes per lesson

Foundation Subjects


1 x 30/45 minutes per week

1 x 1 hour per week

Business Studies


1 x 1 hour per week


1 x 1 hour per week

45 - 60 minutes per week


1 x 30 minutes per week

1 x 1 hour per week


1 x 30 minutes a week

1 x 1 hour per week

Health & Social Care


1 x 1 hour per week

Media Studies


1 x 1 hour per week

MFL 1x 30 minutes per week 60 - 80 minutes per week
Music 1 x 30 minutes per fortnight 1 x  1 hour per week
PE N/A 1 x 1 hour per week


1 x 30 minutes per fortnight

1 x 30 minutes per fortnight

RE/Phil & Ethics 1 x 30 minutes a week 1 x 30 minutes a week


1 assignment per week 1 hour per week