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Student Recognition

Students are able to gain Achievement Points which are immediate. For every Achievement Point they will also gain a House Point.

Achievement Point table







Where effort has been clear when facing a challenge. Where a student has shown determination/resilience



Where students show an improvement in their work



For a good piece of class or homework. Achieving a specific skill/goal


Community 5 star


Community 1 star



For contribution to the school community i.e an event etc.

For a positive act outside the classroom which contributes to the wider community i.e showing a new student to a classroom







Commitment to an extra-curricular club for a half term


5 Star Award

Above and beyond – something exceptional


Marvellous Mentee

Mentors will nominate a Marvellous Mentee (boy/girl)


Wall of Excellence



Wall of excellence (nomination)

The Headteacher will award points for outstanding work displayed on the Wall of Excellence for 6 weeks

Nominations for the Wall of Excellence





In addition there will be promotion weeks for things such as double effort points, or for recognising good manners.


Internal TV screens enable us to share successes, school news & events and House totals visually around the school.

Positive Notes:

 Each member of staff (teaching and non-teaching) gets one ‘Positive Note’ postcard each week to give personally to one deserving student.

The idea is that students feel proud of this recognition and take it home to share with their parents/carers. 

At the bottom of the postcard it says ‘a reward at home would be well deserved’, encouraging praise from all angles. Parents/carers shouldn’t  feel the need to offer materialistic rewards but perhaps a movie night or allowing them to choose their favourite dinner would be appreciated. 

Half Termly Reports:

This is to enable recognition in:

  • Good attendance.
  • Subject achievements/achievement overall.
  • Positive behaviour.

Celebration Assemblies:

These will be done by Year Leaders to celebrate individual, team, mentor group and whole year achievements and will include student performances.

Annual Awards Evening:

The Annual Awards Evening is held at the end of the year to celebrate student successes in both curriculum and community work.

Rewards Trips

House Rewards Trip:

  • All house competitions will finish at the end of June.
  • The winning House will get a trip to somewhere like Alton Towers or Chessington (students will be asked).

Year Rewards Trip/Event:

  • There will be a minimum of one trip for each year group per year which all are able to go on.

There may be a small number of students not allowed to go if they cannot meet The Beaconsfield School expectations outlined in the Behaviour Policy.

Wall of Excellence:

To have a piece of work displayed on The Beaconsfield Wall of Excellence, a teacher or other member of staff must nominate the student's work. The student will then receive an email, 20 achievement points and the work will be displayed for 6 weeks on the Wall opposite the Headteacher's office.