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Year 11 Prom

Prom Criteria

The Beaconsfield School Prom is held yearly to celebrate the end of Year 11. Although as a school we would like for every Year 11 student to attend, unfortunately every year there are students who it is felt do not meet our expectations and as such are not invited to Prom.

If we feel that a student is not meeting our expectations, a letter will be sent home in February with specific targets for that student to meet. If they fail to meet them, they will not be allowed to attend Prom.

The criteria for prom is:

  • Attendance above 98% (extenuating circumstances will be taken into account)
  • No internal / external exclusions
  • No money owed to the school
  • All coursework up to date
  • Good behaviour (to include)
  • Correct Uniform
  • Few detentions
  • Homework done
  • On time to mentor/lessons